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OTM Customizations

We are very proud to say, we are ONE OF THE BEST in OTM customizations, Oracle Reports & BI Publisher reporting.

Most of our team involved in OTM customizations. Our customizations will be developed to work across the OTM versions which give the advantage to minimize the rework during OTM upgrades. We provided the creative solutions for most complex custom requirements for various customers. We provided creative solutions to web tender screen, enabling external data view, populating external links in OTM screens & lot of email & fax notification changes for various customers.

All the reporting queries will be reviewed and fine tuned to avoid the performance issues. The complex BOL reports, multi layer reports, order, buy & sell shipments data in single report, extracting large volume data, complex rate structure extraction, etc.

Quick statistics on the customization from past few months

  • Our team has developed over 70 creative customizations for OTM screens & notifications
  • Our team has developed over 100 new reports & migrated over 40 reports from oracle to BI publisher for multiple customers