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eXcel Transportation Intelligent

Delivering  Various Reports for Oracle user base is challenge with quick turn-around and allowing user to review exceptions of OTM data with matching ERP and Financial data can be done easily with ability to drill down to minute details, providing real time operation analysis and business intelligence using users prefered tool for tabulation – Microsoft Excel.

Main Features of SRUJAN's eXcel Transport Intelligence:

  • Allows transport coordinators / planners/accountants to Run reports from Excel.
  • Quick turn-around of reports development
  • Write-back  of reviewer’s comments to  database
  • Report can run against real-time, near real-time or data ware-house data.
  • Tool doesn’t change with OTM version.
  • Single-sign-on feature.
  • Faster performance,  no data limitation
  • User can quickly convert to Graph’s pivot tables etc