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Mass Order Events

Manually adding order events in OTM is cumbersome process when we have huge number of orders to add events. This process will take lot of time for users to enter one by one event for order via OTM web portal. This may lead data entry errors, which may cause OTM workflow failures.

Main Features of SRUJAN's Mass Shipment RIQ features:

  • MOE application provides the easy way to manage order events and load in to OTM in minutes for hundreds of orders.
  • Allows OTM users to generate the report with Order and existing Order Event details.
  • OTM user adds the required events for each of the extracted orders in the spreadsheet & submits to OTM via this application.
  • Triggers OTM standard workflow process after order events added to order.
  • This application follows the SRUJAN Framework, which will have the all features provided by the framework.