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Mass RIQ

OTM provides flexibility to get rates for given search criteria using standard OTM RIQ screens. The limitation with this process is, we can only get rates for one lane at one time.

We questioned ourselves, "Can we export rate inquiry (RIQ) results into spreadsheet by entering specific criteria into OTM for multiple lanes at a time?"

Our Mass RIQ (MRIQ) tool provides the flexibility to load the spreadsheet with configurable RIQ input fields and the tool immediately returns back with results for those lanes in new columns on the same spreadsheet. This is a great tool to use for planners, rate loaders & other OTM users for easy rate verifications.

Using this tool, the rate inquiry results will be displayed within seconds for various lanes.

Main Features of SRUJAN's Mass Shipment RIQ features:

  • User will fill the spreadsheet with required RIQ input parameters, such as lane details, mode, carrier, equipment group, etc. This will be tuned based on the customer requirement & rate setup.
  • Tool displays the cheapest carrier on the results page.
  • Tool displays the results either directly generates the loaded spreadsheet back with the carrier and cost or results page displays with all lane info and an option to extract into spreadsheet. Note: Displaying results pare with lane info is not suggested when too many lanes to extract the rates.
  • Error Handling: If no rates display for any lane, that row will be highlighted.
  • Tool uses OTM RIQ functionality to extract the lanes, hence loads the RIQ XML into OTM to extract the rates for each lane.
  • Tool validates for data integrity constraints such as given locations pre-exists, etc
  • Provides keyboard shortcuts to perform various operations on Mass RIQ form
  • Configurable to display cheapest/fastest carrier on the results page