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Mass Shipment Actuals

Entering individual shipment actuals information in OTM is very time consuming process when there are multiple shipment actuals to be entered. The Suppliers / OTM users can manage the shipment actuals information in MS-Excel. SRUJAN's Mass Shipment Actuals (MSA) application provides the facility to upload shipment actuals information via Excel or CSV file format.

Main features of SRUJAN's MSA tool:  
  • Allows suppliers / OTM users to manage the shipment actuals information in Excel Sheet/CSV file
    & upload them into MSA Tool.
  • Allows user to create/update up to configured number of shipment actuals within a single form
  • Provides OTM standard FLNV (Find, List, View and New) features on shipment attributes to
    facilitate lookup/create new attribute values on the same page.
  • Provides the OTM default type ahead (auto suggest) functionality on shipment attributes.
  • Performs the business validations across the Shipment Actuals attributes & between the
    Shipments before submitting to OTM, which includes the car marks validation, equipment
    capacity checks, planned weight vs actual weight comparison, forcing mandatory information
    such as Truck Number, Seal Numbers, etc.
  • Validates the business rules before transmitting to OTM & shows the invalid fields with color code.
  • Provides the keyboard shortcuts to perform various operations on MSA upload form.
  • Provides the detailed error(s) summary on field/shipment actuals level.
  • Allows user to Download work in process Shipment Actuals data into CSV file and continue later.