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Mass Shipment Milestone

Manually adding shipment events in OTM is cumbersome process when we have huge number of shipments to add events for non EDI capable carriers. This process will take lot of time for carriers to enter one by one event for shipment via OTM carrier portal. This may lead data entry errors which may cause OTM workflow failures, such as user entered POD first than Pickup Event, etc. SRUJAN's Mass Shipment Milestone add-in provides the easy way to manage shipment events and load in to OTM in minutes for hundreds of shipments.

This feature provides the following:

Main Features of SRUJAN's Mass Shipment Milestone features

  • Allows coordinators / planners to generate the Shipment Report with Order, Shipment and existing Shipment Event details
  • Our add-in will lock all the fields except the required dates to be entered by the carrier for shipment events
  • Carrier adds the events to the locked spreadsheet
  • Coordinators will extract shipment event information and loads into OTM