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Mass Trans Order Upload

Creating individual orders in OTM is a time consuming process especially when there are multiple orders to be created. Transport coordinators / planners manage orders information in excel and / or manually enter them in OTM. Enforcing business specific validations using OTM standard create /edit screen on each order is error prone. To resolve these problems, SRUJAN team came up with the approach of managing the content in widely used MS-Excel and upload into OTM for create, update, delete of orders.

Main features of SRUJAN's Mass Trans Order upload features:  
  • Order weight calculations will respect by the OTM standard Order Configuration process
  • Users will have access this application to create order base with same OTM user login
  • Configurable to add default refnums, remarks, involved parties and other attributes on the order
  • This application creates order base with ship units / lines option
  • Application can auto release the entire order base if required
  • Triggers OTM standard workflow process after order created / updated
  • Allows transport coordinators / planners to manage order(s) information in Excel Sheet/CSV file & upload them into OTM as Excel/CSV file.
  • Allows user to create / update up to configured number of orders within a single form.
  • Provides Copy feature to copy existing orders and allows user to update copied order(s) attributes in the same page before transmitting.
  • Allows user to Remove the copied / added / uploaded orders from Mass Trans Order Upload form.
  • Provides OTM standard FLNV (Find, List, View and New) features on order attributes to facilitate lookup / create new attribute values on the same page.
  • Provides OTM default type ahead (auto suggest) functionality on order attributes.
  • Performs business validations across order attributes & between orders before submitting to OTM
  • Validates Orders before transmitting to OTM & shows invalid fields with color code
  • Displays proper error message on click of Show Error button or on mouser over of the invalid error field.
  • Provides summary page with list of orders submission
  • Transport coordinates can leverage keyboard shortcuts to perform operations on Mass Trans Order Upload application
  • Can save already uploaded orders (but not transmitted to OTM) information into CSV file to continue at a later part of time.
  This tool can be created either for Ship Unit or Line Items based order base. Mass Trans Order Upload application is developed based on SRUJAN framework.