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SRUJAN Apps Overview
Summary of Applications
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Summary of Applications:

We are passionate about executing a business that Leverages powerful applications technologies to automate the processes that empower and optimize users.

We are the provider of best-in-class Excel and non-Excel based add-on applications to work with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Our award winning mass data upload / update applications help OTM business users save time by delivering accurate and secure information in the familiar excel environment. Our applications serve a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, 3PL and hi-tech customers across the globe.


  Why SRUJAN Apps   Key Uses of SRUJAN Apps
  • Rapid implementation and minutes to integration with OTM
  • Master Data Setup
  • Order Create / Updatep
  • Optional database connections & no memory leaks
  • Shipment Create / Update
  • Usage of REST APIs
  • Invoice Create / Update
  • Proven for good performance in multi user access
  • Shipment Events Addition
  • OTM standard look & feel and property driven data forms
  • Mass RIQ Results
  • Ready to Ship
  • For mass updates, data can be selected from OTM finders or upload through excel
  • Single Order / Shipment Creation
  • Label Generation
  • Serialization / Scan UPI's / Scan to Load

  APPS Overview

  List of SRUJAN Applications:
  APPS Overview

  Benefits   Key Features
  • Allows data to be managed in spreadsheet without being online
  • Enable Bulk Operations on OTM objects
  • Reduces data entry time
  • Customized Quick & Mass Data Entry Forms
  • Reduces approximately 40% of the time spending on mass data entry
  • Enforces business specific data validations before transmitting to OTM
  • Increases data integrity
  • Requires minimal efforts after upgrading OTM to next major version
  • SRUJAN Apps are scalable
  • No Additional Hardware Required
  • Provides OTM standard finder functionalities
  • Download work in process data into spreadsheet
  • Most user friend data forms including error handling mechanism
  • Configurable user level security (including multi domain),data forms & business validations