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Client Say
 Dalibor Markovic, Manager, The North West Company.

" It is not often that you find someone as experienced in the total transportation management lifecycle who also has in-depth technical knowledge of the OTM system. SRUJAN has demonstrated in-depth OTM knowledge with qualified resources. SRUJAN team not only acted as technology consultants, but also as business consultants and provided the functional and technical support expertise for our OTM post implementation and design enhancement requests. SRUJAN team was also able to train and relate the changes to our staff at their level. SRUJAN understand the OTM product and have quickly gained understanding of our business which makes them very effective. SRUJAN team is always professional and committed to the customer needs as one comes to expect with this service "


   Reg Willems, Business Analyst, Viterra, Inc.  

SRUJAN's Mass Shipment Actuals (MSA) Application has allowed us to simplify entering scale weight, seal numbers, railcar details and enforce our necessary business data validation process upon shipment pickup actuals. Our shipper employees can now add necessary information for all shipments in Ms-Excel and load the sheet into OTM in mass using the MSA application. It has saved about 4 hours per 100 car train in data entry time. Viterra management and logistics staff are extremely happy with the way this application works. MSA has allowed our staff to focus on quality control instead of entering data into OTM.


  Large 3PL Company  

SRUJAN has provided us a with a rock solid custom order entry solution (Quick Order Template) utilizing OTM best practices for solution delivery. The application provides a very distinctive custom feel for our end users while enhancing our front end data integrity.


  Nicky Maheras, TMS Manager - Logistics, CNH America LLC  

CNH contracted with SRUJAN Technologies for Oracle Transportation System (OTM) technical guidance, support and report migrations during the OTM v5.5 to v6.2.2 upgrade. The SRUJAN Team's analytical skills, system processing knowledge, and timely issue resolution processing kept the CNH OTM migration on schedule. The SRUJAN Team's extensive technical knowledge in the OTM application and depth of knowledge in understanding business processes is an asset to any company requiring OTM services

   Kathy Jones, IT Manager, OTM Tower, Viterra, Inc.  

SRUJAN has demonstrated in-depth OTM knowledge with qualified capable resources. They are always responsive and available to help us with support issues or to discuss design options. SRUJAN resources understand the OTM product and have quickly gained understanding of our business which makes them very effective. We have relied on SRUJAN to lead a very complex large implementation and I always had confidence they could get the job done.


  Carol Earl, VP Consulting & Business Development, APAC, EII  

SRUJAN have proven to be a reliable contributor to our OTM consulting practice, delivering strong implementation capabilities in addition to quality OTM extensions which demonstrate an understanding of the OTM application architecture as well as a quality driven approach to deliverables.

  Sam Levin, Managing Director, MavenWire.  

"MavenWire had the opportunity to partner with SRUJAN Technologies on a few engagements. I found SRUJAN team to be extremely easy to work and always having a can do attitude. They provided services to MavenWire that included OTM Tech Consulting, Report / XSL development, and guidance on both implementations and migrations. I look forward to our continued partnership and collaboration on future projects."

  Gaurav Malhotra, Global Oracle Practice, CSC  

SRUJAN Technologies has continuously delivered highly experienced and talented individuals that have a perfect balance of OTM application knowledge along with a deep understanding of the client's business needs. SRUJAN team members have helped us expedite customer deliverables with their knowledge in OTM and BPEL areas.

  Don Gray, Account Manager, APL Logistics  

SRUJAN played an integral role in making our implementation of OTM a huge success with our client, modifying and/or enhancing the tool to meet our needs. The two critical areas where SRUJAN improved our capabilities were through the "MASS UPLOAD" process of manual orders and rate uploads so the OTM system could handle every and any type of rate provided by the carrier base. Previously manual entry into OTM was a laborious task, this task was improved significantly by the mass order upload/download process, whereby multiple orders could be added on a single Excel spreadsheet and populate in OTM as individual orders. The other key area of significance had to do with the structure of the rates.